Elite Ukrainian Dedicated Technology Teams

Solving the Technology Talent Shortage: Dedicated Teams

The world has a well-documented shortage of skilled technology workers, and the problem will likely worsen over the next decade. There are already some indications that commercial success within some companies is based on their ability to find and keep the right tech talent.

Mozok.works is a strategic partner to companies in the West. We help you solve your technology talent shortage by providing dedicated teams of elite Ukrainian talent. With over 130,000 STEM graduates per year, Ukraine has the talent needed by companies globally. Billed on a simple flat monthly rate, these teams are created specifically for the needs of each customer and work as a dedicated extension of your technology organization. Customers gain elite talent (capacity) at a lower cost than similar talent in the US, EU, and other Western markets.

“..the tech industry is facing one of the most acute talent gaps…”- Fortune

“Global competition for a limited pool of technology workers is heating up…” – IMF

“IT executives see the talent shortage as the most significant adoption barrier…” – Gartner

Skills We Can Provide

Ukraine has an 83% Tertiary Education Rate (UNESCO), with among the highest STEM education rates in the world.  Over the years, our team has had significant success in providing Ukrainian engineers, mathematicians, and technologists to companies in the US, EU, Canada, and the UK. 

Given the approach to STEM education, talent in Ukraine is uniquely suited for highly technical and complex problem solving. 

We provide dedicated Ukrainian teams to customers needing help with:

  1. Full-stack application development. 
  2. AI/ML
  3. Big Data and Data Analytics.
  4. Core Technology Development.
  5. Systems Integration.
  6. Systems Administration.

Our Process

Starting in 2003, our founding team began extensive research related to the global outsourcing industry. We published numerous articles addressing critical success factors within the outsourcing and global services industry. Success rates of all outsourcing and dedicated team projects largely come down to how the customer and vendor start the project (the engagement phase) and the quality of the vendor’s talent.

Over the years, we continued researching dynamics that affect success and have created a specific methodology we use on every project. Using this methodology, we:

  1. Conduct an engagement kickoff work session capturing the specific skills (technical and soft skills), corporate culture, processes, operational dynamics, and environmental needs of each customer.
  2. Define an efficient and effective recruiting function to retain any needed team members. 
  3. Create and execute a thorough knowledge transfer program helping to reduce the ramp-up time of the entire team.
  4. Implement a mentoring and monitoring function for the dedicated team over the first three months of the contract helping to ensure both the customer and the dedicated team are functional and happy.

Through our engagement methodology, we reduce the overall risk to the customer, provide better talent aligned to each customer’s unique needs, and ramp the team up faster than the competition.