Who We Are

What Sets Us Apart

Our Roots

Our roots go back to the early days of the offshore outsourcing boom. After watching customers struggle to effectively work with offshore outsourcing teams, our leadership left senior executive roles with major outsourcing firms to help. 

Beginning in 2003, our leadership team completed a series of studies exploring why outsourcing engagements succeed or fail. Our initial work showed that the success of any services contract (not just outsourcing) largely falls on two key factors:

  1. How effectively and quickly do the customer and vendor create a cohesive team and communicate.
  2. The quality of the talent the vendor places on the team.


Over the years, we have continued to research the global outsourcing industry. We have worked with many of the largest global employers helping them improve the performance of their outsourcing engagements, and have spent significant time working with many of the top-tier outsourcing firms to improve their customer success rates. 

To date, we have either authored, provided research for, or have been cited in well over a thousand books, articles, and reports exploring the topic of offshore outsourcing, business in emerging markets, and vendor management. We are noted thought leaders.


History in Ukraine

In 2006, our CEO (Phil Hatch) was retained by a Ukrainian outsourcing firm as their temporary COO tasked with resolving growth and operational issues. This initial experience in Ukraine proved to be important in that Phil Hatch quickly recognized the potential of the Ukrainian technology workforce. 

In 2007, Mr. Hatch again spent significant time in Ukraine, helping launch another highly regarded outsourcing firm. 

2008, Mr. Hatch partnered with the former Vice Prime Minister (V. Seminozhenko) in defining the Ukrainian national technology and outsourcing industry development program.

2009, Mr. Hatch accepted a senior executive role with ManpowerGroup/Experis with oversight of their offshore outsourcing business unit. In this capacity, Mr. Hatch brought additional Fortune 500 customers to Ukraine (such as Disney). During this time, our leadership team pioneered collaborative workforce development programs that partnered Fortune 500 clientele with Ukrainian universities to create high-demand and high-quality talent together. The program created by Mr. Hatch in Kharkiv is the most successful collaborative workforce development program in Ukraine. 

Why Work With Us

Our leadership team consists of proven thought leaders and senior executives within the global outsourcing, technology, labor, and workforce development industries. We are leaders in understanding what it takes for you to be a success and have developed proprietary engagement and management frameworks that greatly reduce your risks.

We know the market well. In addition to research on outsourcing, global labor, and technology industries, we have provided extensive research related to Ukraine’s technology industry, STEM workforce, and dynamics affecting overall growth. For example, Mr. Hatch provided material research data for World Bank’s 2016 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Diagnostic Report. We have a deep and intimate understanding of Ukraine, allowing us to provide elite talent to our customers.